Baptisms & Child Dedication

Late August, the Iranian Church of Richmond Hill gathered for a very special occasion. Permission was granted at a provincial park for a baptismal service. Around 100 people celebrated the event in which over 40 people declared their commitment to Jesus Christ.  The gathering was made extra special with one family presenting their child to the Lord.  This was a good and great day in which Christ was honored.



The RZIM – CENTRAL DISTRICT three-day whirlwind weekend is past, thankfully just before the fears of the  pandemic fell.  Alanzo Julian Paul spoke eight times in three locations, Pathway Community Church, Winnipeg EFC and Emmanuel EFC. 

Each setting had its own “uniquenesses”.  Pathway saw some 80 – 90 folks come out on a rather blustery Friday night.  WEFC had just over 35 youth and young adults for about a seven hours seminar day.  Emmanuel EFC had Alanzo speak in both AM services and then to about 500 people in the evening gathering. 

People responded to the message of the gospel, the point of this venture.  A priority for the Central District is to encourage evangelism in the local church.  

Alanzo Paul was well prepared, courteous to those gathered, gave extended time to those who stayed to ask further questions and was thoroughly gospel-centered.  This is not the only way that evangelism can be done, but it is one way.  This was a quadruple partnership between the local churches and the Central District. Future possibilities of partnership between your local church and the Central District are a possibility.